Top 5 Most Expensive Bearbrick BAPE Figures

Let’s start by saying that BAPE is one of the most popular brands in the streetwear scene. BAPE is everywhere. Some of you are fans, some of you don’t know what it is, while some don’t even care about this brand. But we have to acknowledge the fact that BAPE has had a huge impact on urban culture.

BAP logo

Somehow, a brand that started in Japan is on the lips of the music industry’s biggest stars. And not just music. Almost everything related to urban culture. A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) is a Japanese fashion brand founded by Nigo (Tomoaki Nagao) in Ura-Harajuku, a slot gacor district in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan in 1993. There was something extraordinary that made BAPE rise to the level of mass consciousness. and to live there of course. BAPE in the 2000s and are still known today for their full zip hoodies (their trademark), Bapesta sneakers (which are modeled after Nike’s Air Force 1), Baby Milo avatars, and of course lots of bright colors.

1) Bearbrick x Readymade x A Bathing Ape 1000% (Last sale valued at $20,799) — The undisputed art market champion is Bearbrick x Readymade x A Bathing Ape 1000%. This premium Bearbrick figure is made from Readymade’s signature vintage military fabric, with a working zipper, ribbed hems, small pockets, and 3D patch on the back.

2) Bearbrick x BAPE x Levi’s 1000% (Last sales $11,946) — Coming in at number two is the ever-popular Levi’s Bearbrick figure. This unique Bearbrick figure featuring a Levi’s denim jacket in the legendary BAPE dotted camouflage print certainly adds a lot of substantial value to it. Released in January 2021, this very limited edition Bearbrick sold out immediately at BAPE retailers globally, making it one of the hardest to find.

3) Bearbrick x A Bathing Ape x Readymade 100% & 1000% Set (2021 Version) (Last sale $9,201) — This incredible Bearbrick set was born from a collaboration between BAPE ft. Readymade, the famous Japanese label founded by designer Yuta Hosokawa is known situs judi baccarat for reworking used clothing and materials.

4) Bearbrick Multi-Color Foil XXV 1000% Bearbrick (Last sale $5,166) — Now, this is something really colorful from BAPE. This Bearbrick figure is completely covered in glossy holographic panels, with each hand and foot a distinct, sparkling rainbow hue. In addition to the chest branding, the figure is nude, emphasizing bright colors over bold graphics.

5) Bearbrick x Bape x Alpha Industries 1000% (Last sale $4900) — This stunning Bearbrick is completely covered in army green camouflage featuring a zippered shark head with a detachable MA-1 bomber jacket specially designed for this image. This jacket is reversible (conveniently enough), providing a choice between classic army green with hunting graphics and flight labels or BAPE graduation camo. Awesome, right?

6) Bearbrick x A Bathing Ape ABC Camo 1000% (Last sale $4,420) — Pink camo? Oh wow, so wild. But it works like a charm. The ape’s crooked head serves as a distinct design point that is blended throughout the bold camouflage pattern. Finished in a high-gloss finish, this Bearbrick figure is truly something to behold.

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